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1. Gather all your tax information for the year; including personal information, income and tax information, deduction/adjustment information, and tax credit information. If you need help deciding what you need to bring with you, see the Information Needed Checklist.

2. Meet with your tax preparer with your tax information. If you are not able to meet with your tax preparer then mail, e-mail, or drop-off your tax information.

3. After your return is complete, sign a Form 8879 for E-file authorization and pay the tax preparation fees. 

4. How do you want to handle your refund and/or balance due?

Balance due:
  • Automatic Withdraw: Provide your bank routing number and account number and specify a date on or before April 15th that you want the balance to be withdrawn.  
  • Mail: Mail in voucher and payment with the envelope provided.

  • Automatic Deposit: Provide your bank routing number and account number.  
  • Mail: Verify your mailing address.
  • Refund Transfer: Please discuss with preparer for more information.

5. Come in and pick up your Tax Return. If you are unable to pick up the copy of your return please discuss mailing options with your preparer or sign a consent release form for someone else to pick up your return.

Thank you!

Instructions for Tax Returns
If you are a new client to Affordable Tax Service or plan on using our drop-off method to get your tax return prepared, please complete the client information form. Please also review and sign our work agreement. Feel free to bring these forms into our office, mail, or email them to us. 
Helpful Documents
If you are unsure about what all you need to bring with you, please refer to the following document.
If you itemize on your tax return and need help determining what you can use to itemize, please refer to the following checklist.
If you would like to review our privacy policy, please refer to the following document.